A Digital Audio Tour around the

Mosta Basilica

Station 1

Welcome to the Mosta Dome

Station 2

The Rotunda is elevated to the

dignity of a Minor Basilica: 31 May 2018

Station 3

Some Dimensions

Station 4

The Impressive Floor Of The Basilica


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Station 5

The Statue of Our Lady of Sorrows

Station 6

The Mosta Parish and its First Church

Station 7

The Building of The Basilica

Station 8

Inscription Around The Dome

Station 9

The Eight Spandrels Around The Lower Base Of The Dome

Station 10

The Statue Of Saint Joseph

Station 11

The Dome

Station 12

The Pipe Organ

Station 13

The Two Niches One On Each Side Of The Main Entrance To The Basilica

Station 14

The Stations Of The Cross

Station 15

The Chapel Of Saint Roque, Saint Sebastian, and Saint Rosalia

Station 16

The Chapel of Saint Joseph

Station 17

The Baptismal Font

Station 18

The Chapel of The Crucifix

Station 19

The Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation

Station 20

The Chapel of The Conversion of Saint Paul

Station 21

The Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Rosary

Station 22

The Pulpit

Station 23

The Sacristy On The Left

Station 24

The Miracle of The Bomb

Station 25

The Crypt

Station 26

The Sacristy on The Right

Station 27

The Choir Behind the Main Altar

Station 28

The Dome Visitors Centre

Station 29

The Fa├žade Of The Rotunda

Station 30

Shelters In Wartime Mosta (1940-45)

Station 31

The Stone Mason

Station 32

The Hairdresser

Station 33

The Tinsmith

Station 34

The Washer Woman

Station 35

The Seamstress

Station 36

The Blacksmith

Station 37

The Carpenter

Station 38

The Kitchen

Station 39

The Shoemaker

Station 40

The Sharpener

Station 41

The Potter