The Old Windmill – wind power and flour

 Windmills were used to grind cereals, such as wheat, to produce flour. Wind energy was an efficient means by which to turn the grinding mechanism located inside the windmill. Flour was essential for the production of bread, a staple commodity in the past when poor people had little choice about what food they could procure.

Along time, Mosta had five windmills. Two of these are still standing in Old Mill Street. This street takes its name from the oldest windmill in Mosta, which is found halfway up the road in the direction of Ta’ Qali. This street was quite important in the past for people who approached Mosta from Rabat and Ta’ Qali or Attard.

It seems that this mill was built in 1757 and named ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. However, the coat of arms of Grandmaster Carafa (ruled 1680-90) above the door may indicate that there was another mill before the one which can be seen today.

The other windmill standing a few metres away was built during British rule and is found at the corner with Independence Avenue.

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