Marquis Mallia Tabone Farmhouse – rural architecture

The Mosta countryside was, in the past, an idyllic landscape pf garigue and fields. Rural drywalls delineated the boundaries of the fields and other property, while farmers and other travellers used winding narrow passageways in this rural landscape. Various rustic structures dotted the countryside until modern development took over.

A nice example of a well-preserved farmhouse that can still be seen and admired in Mosta today is the one that used to belong to the noble Mallia-Tabone family.

This farmhouse stands very close to Wied il-Għasel (transl. Valley of Honey) and was built in the seventeenth century. Named for the Marquis Mallia-Tabone – the Marquis of Fiddien – this restored farmhouse has, from 1998, been serving as the seat of the voluntary organisation Għaqda Filantropika Talent Mosti (transl. Mosta Talent Philanthropic Society) and is a centre of culture and philanthropy.

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