The Wied Filep Dolmens – prehistoric heritage

In Mosta a number of prehistoric remains have been discovered. From the Bronze Age period (c.4100-2500 B.C.E.) one can still see two stone table-like structures in the area which in the past was called Wied Filep (transl. Philip’s Valley). Today these remains are very close to a built-up area, which goes back to the mid-1980s.

The word ‘dolmen’ comes from ‘hole’ or ‘table’ + ‘stone’, and reflects the structure, which resembles a big table formed from a horizontal capping stone that rests on supporting megaliths, while a hole is thus formed in the middle. Dolmens may have served as places of burial but the real purpose of these structures, which can be found the many parts of the world, is still being debated by archaeologists.

The discovery of the Mosta dolmens goes back to November 1908, and these two are the first of such structures ever found in Malta.

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