Curate Calleja Street – the patron of the Rotunda

This narrow street leads to and departs from Mosta’s main square and the Basilica of the Assumption. It was the most practical street that led to the centre of the village from the Ta’ Qali / Attard area in the past. It is a significant historic feature of Mosta and one feels the emotion of the past while walking along this street towards the Rotunda, which rises majestically in front of you as one exits into the square.

Curate Calleja Street is named after the founder of the Rotunda, that is, the Rev. Dr Felice Calleja. The village parish priest, who took care of the parish of Mosta between 1797 and 1833, dreamt of building a new church when the community began to increase.

He left all his money and spent his energy planning for this project, which he never saw happen as he died in 1833 just when the building was about to start.

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