Mosta Highlights

Welcome – Merħba to Mosta Highlights.

We prepared this tour to show you a number of interesting historical and natural places, all around Mosta.

Each location has something special to show you. History, Legend and Folklore.

We hope you will have a pleasing experience.

1. Chapel of Our Lady of Good Hope

3. The Bride of Mosta Public Garden

5. The Wied Filep Dolmens

7. Marquis Mallia Tabone Farmhouse

9. The Old Windmill

11. Chapel of St. Sylvester

13. Curate Calleja Street

2. Ta’ Bistra Catacombs

4. Chapel of St Margaret

6. Chapel of St. Paul the Hermit & Speranza Valley

8. Chapel of St. Anthony the Abbot

10. The Cumbo Tower

12. Chapel of the Shipwreck of St. Paul